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Mother Nature’s Going Through Mesopause, I understand

Hey, I hope where ever you are, you are keeping safe!! Looks like Covid is on his third round here in Manitoba. I know it’s not a popular decision but I feel we need to lock everything down like we did the first wave. Our numbers were so low on the first wave. Although I am so sad to see my photo booth sitting for a year. (It has gotten us to be creative and we are maybe one of a few people who can say they have a Casino in our dining room lol) We are trying so hard to hang on to the business and that is why we diversified. I believe one day we will have our booth up and running and honestly, there are some pretty sweet things coming…..

Not only is Covid bringing everyone, including myself down but so is the weather…..what the heck ….Mother Nature is going through mesopause lol

Started the week out with a snow storm… lol it was like summer on that Saturday and then bam we got more snow then we had all winter. School was closed for 2 days, in April lol. Then by the following Saturday it was beautiful. Woke up this morning to this……. ugh lol

Snow is back.. Mother Nature doesn't know what to do

Creating…. It’s a struggle this week

I had some big plans for this week, however not only is Mother Nature Struggling….. so am I lol I will be honest and this week I probably took a few more breaks than I should have, maybe a few naps…. however by the end of the week I was back to myself. YAY.

I had a few special orders that I absolutely LOVED creating. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating my masks but I look forward to using my creative side,

This weeks custom creations

Spotify Custom Frame

I was incredible excited to create the Spotify frame for one of my customers anniversary. Everything was going wonderful until I broke the glass…. Thankfully I had a second frame (always buy 2 because you never know) I so hope they like it and have a wonderful anniversary!!

Logos on everything!!!!! Customized Aprons, Masks, T-shirt

Our wonderful post office lady is an amazing baker! She is often seen selling her amazing treats at the Farmer’s Market in St. Norbert. Around Christmas time she asked me to make her some masks as the farmer’s market was re-opening. This week she ordered a few more.

I know everyone is down due to everything going on, so I wanted to put a smile on her face. I created a T-shirt and an apron with her logo on it. It 100 percent did what I wanted it to…. It turned her day around. If you are ever at St.Norbert’s Famer’s Market check her out Sweet Bits Farmer’s Market

Customized T-shirts, Mother’s day gifts, Birthday Gifts and Masks
I absolutely love creating and had so much fun creating some special items to help people celebrate. Do you have a special holiday coming up? maybe want to cheer someone up or need something customized… I would love to be given a chance to show you what I can do. You can email me at hello@ajsmysticmirror.com or text us at 204-918-3266

Contest Time……

Only a few weeks left to enter our giveaway for a customized wooden birthday calendar we are working on a new rustic version …. should be done for next weeks post. Go to AJ’s Custom Creation’s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ajscustomcreationsmanitoba to enter. It;’s easy and no purchase is necessary!!

InstIt’s time for me to getting moving, Until next week….. Please like and follow us and Stay Safe!!! Have an amazing week! Thank you for your support! Oh, did you know you can also follow us in IG at ajsmys . And check out our custom creations page for face masks Custom Face Mask


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