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Things are starting to look UP!! Epic Weekend!

After the weekend we had we were 100% sure that it could only get better! It turned into an Epic Weekend!!

With Easter being over I only had one day left to work at my part time job. As an EA this year has been very different and I found it very hard to be able to support the students the way I had previously. I wanted to create something special for the most amazing teacher. I asked the secretary to have each of the students write their names on a piece of paper.

I Turned this…..

All the grade 2-3 students signatures

Into this….

A cutting board for my favorite teacher to keep forever

I am not sure who was more excited…. the kids or me to give it to her. I can not say enough about the teachers at the school I work at. They are the most caring people I have ever met. I come from a background that if you are told the rules (social services) you must follow them by the letter or homes can be shut down. I struggled with the fact that there are rules and then there are some that we can bend to suit each child. I so loved that about working there. I can honestly say that I think I learned more than anyone one in the school. I am hoping to be able to sub or go back part time, however due to my back issues, everyday is a struggle.

So back to the week after Easter…

There is some very exciting news coming about our photo booth and we are hoping to document it by video, even add it to our Youtube page. Once we have started what we are doing I will post more about it, but this is what started the change to our week.

I have so many things I want to create and I am truly trying to squeeze it all in. Still struggling with getting my paperwork caught up so just not enough time to create everything I want and finish orders.

I did find sometime to start something I have wanted to do for so long. I love the customized door mats that people are making. I have to say for my very first attempt I am excited.

Customized Welcome Mat

I have had everything I needed to make them for months now and finally was able to start creating. The first picture is what we created and then I felt something was missing in the corner. Should have left it alone or went with a much more simple picture. The second, finsihed mat, shouls have Manitoba with a heart in the midddle and say home. My picture was to small for the font I choose. Lesson learned and on to the next project,

The rest of the week was spent filling orders and getting caught up. Here are some of the fun things we created……

The Redemption Weekend….the making of an Epic Weekend

The week was a struggle to get through and for whatever reason, almost everything I did I ended up either having to do over, fix or it took me way longer than usual. When Bert arrive home Friday with the speeding ticket, I was sure this was a sign of another one of those weekends….

Bur nope…… We decided to chance it and gamble anyways…. this is what happened to start the weekend off right. Bert put $30.00 in and bam. We found a way to make money on our photo booth lol, With Covid shutting us down for over a year we needed to be creative lol.

My son, his girlfriend and their dog arrived shortly after. WE were up and down with the gambling but had such a fun time sitting on the deck. Soon my nephew arrived along with some of my son’s friends. We social distanced but had an amazing time. As a parent of grown children, we realized just how much we missed them all.

Even the Grandbaby Dog gets customized items

I had to make this for Kona. She was so excited but I forgot to take pictures.

The End of A Wonderful Week…..

We had such an amzing time with family and friends. Had many stories to tell them from the previous week and were able to share soem of our winnings. The deposit of over $5000 helped ease the previous weekends craziness. We finished out strong on Sunday winning an additional $700.00 and headed to bed to start another crazy week………Ugh it started with a blizzard..

Please take care and be safe!!

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If you would like to check out our Youtube Page you can fins us at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzea0QUWtacymeUJTJLu7GA Now I do have to say that the videos on there are old and from various events with the photo booth. Our hope is to one day create some more content that will go with this volg.

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