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The Most Expensive Easter Weekend EVER!!!

This week was a roller coaster of a ride! With Covid cases on the rise and Easter being over, I was uncertain as to what the next few weeks were going to look like. I spent a few days trying to wrap my head around all of this and had to dig deep to finish out the week strong. Our Easter weekend definitely tested us. Remaining positive was super hard!

2021 Easter- Yikes

Good Friday started out ok as we loaded up the car to head to Winnipeg to make our final Easter deliveries. We thought everything was going well. Then the texts started- everyone was wanting last minute Easter Baskets. I didn’t plan on this and unfortunately lost out on a ton of sales- (note to self- next year be prepared to make deliveries late the day before Easter and have some premade baskets ready to sell) We made good time with the deliveries and I decided to shut down the shop for the remainder of the day, knowing I had a few more orders to fill that weekend.

As we were enjoying the beautiful weather outside with a good friend of our, Bert started running to the house like I have never seen him move before. Seconds later I hear an extremely loud and panicked Bert “APRIL!!!!!”

I bolted to the house. As I walked in I could hear water running downstairs. As I turned the corner to the kitchen, I saw Bert franticly moving things. There was over an inch and a half of water all over the floor. Water was pouring over our counters, into the drawers. cupboard and on to the floor. As we ran to get the shop vacs we noticed that the water was now pouring into the basement. We spent the rest of the day drying out out house.

These pictures were taken about an hour after the clean-up started…

The funny thing is we couldn’t even get angry about this. What could we do? Of course when the story is told by Bert, it was me would left the water running in the very large farm house sink that we had…not him.

So crisis averted and now to cook the pork chops that caused the whole issue in the first place. (Bert was using the water to defrost the pork chops) Oh but no these pork chops had it in for us (or atleast that’s the way Bert describes it lol) For supper that night we ate very well done (burnt) pork shops.

Saturday was spent creating baskets and easter bunnies for my family, packing up and heading out to finish the out of town deliveries and to spent the night at my daughters. Overall it was a really good day, however the previous day was not forgotten.

Sunday morning we woke to excited kids and Bunny foot prints everywhere. We hunted for Easter Eggs both inside and out. The baskets were torn open and coloring t-shirts were quickly colored. Three very excited kids jumped from one activity to another.

And then it happened…..

We said our goodbyes and packed up the car. As we started backing up we were talking about the excitement of the day and ………”oh, No!” Bert jumps out of the car …I can’t repeat what he said but thankfully the kids were not outside. He ran over our middle granddaughters new bike. Thankfully only the training wheel broke but the guilt was with us all the way home.

This is when we should have known…….it’s not the time to gamble on-line, but no we had to chance fate. As we continued all weekend to put money on out Playnow account and tried to convince ourselves that we were going to win, we should have stopped. Hey we won big the weekend before so why not now. If I learned anything from that weekend (and believe me I have learned alot) If you have this much going wrong ….don’t do it!! Let’s just say our bank account felt the hit.

Oh it didn’t end there…….

Bert took Monday off and things looked like they were again settling. We were determained to put this weekend behind us. We were just being tested as we had a few amazing weeks and the universe was just making sure we knew it had some control. I continued to try and remain positive and kept saying it’s just a test.

Bert took Monday off and we started to set-up the workshop in the garage and work on a few orders. I have some amazing ideas for Mother’s Day and can’t wait to share them. Overall Monday was a great day! Due to the length of this crazy blog, I will share my projects this week in a separate post.

And then Tuesday morning hit….. we woke up and started the morning routine. Bert jumped in the shower and within minutes he was standing at my office door. “We have no hot water.” Our hot water tank went. Now even more I was disappointed in the fact that we had gambled so much this weekend….honestly we could have paid for the hot water tank out of that…however too late. In with the new hot water tank. Now my thought is….if Bert didn’t flood the kitchen and empty the hot water tank, would our tank still be working or is this just a coincidence? What do you think.

Even 5 days later this crazy weekend haunted us…..

The rest of the week was eventful as well, but right now I am just writing about Easter weekend. I will write a second blog about the week. However I do need to tell you about the last straw that brokee the camels back adn honestly all we could do was laugh.

Do you remember me telling you about the uneventful Good Friday deliveries we made, well……

in the mail Friday we received a nice little letter. It even had a picture of our car in it. Yup we go tagged for driving 50 in a school zone. The incredibly funny part about this is I had a feeling and had asked Bert after driving through that particular school zone (i saw others driving slow but didn’t say anything until we approached the second school zone), “does the school zone apply on holidays?”, Bert’s answer was it applies for every Monday to Friday from Sept to June.”…..hmmm well then why did we get the ticket? lol

So Easter weekend 2021 was the most expensive Easter ever…….the cost of replacing the bottom of the kitchen drawer, the gambling, Easter baskets and chocolates for the kids, the water bill is probably gone up, a set of training wheels, a hot water tank, a $300 plus speeding ticket oh and did I mention the money we lost gambling …. Thankfully things do turn around and we do end up have an amazing weekend afterwards….. The power of positivity and believing helped make the following week AMAZING!!!

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