RE-START April 5, 2021

Ok, I know I am so far behind on posting but thought this would be a good time to star all over. AS I am sure for everyone, 2020 was a very hard time. At the beginning of March last year we just arrived home from our first Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas. I was hyped to really make our photo booth a one of a kind experience that would have Manitobans talking. We were pretty much solidly booked from June to Jan1, 2021. The photo booth was so busy that I went down to a part time job from a very good career in the social services. And then it happened……..COVID.

A View from the Plaza Hotel in Vegas- phot booth expo 2020

AS the phone calls and emails started happening with people postponing and canceling we were unsure what to do. The everything shut-down. Due to the fact that I was working in a school part time, I was unable to work. The photo booth was not making us any money and we had bills.

We were and still are very scared to have taken the government loans and grants but we had no choice. Our business just expanded and needed to pay the bills. The bank helped for a bit, but we so needed to find a way to make some sort of an income. Thankfully Bert was still able to work.

Summer 2021

The summer of 2020 we had many ups and downs with the business. We did do three events, one outside in our tent and two in a hall. Two were weddings and one was a cultural event. Not only did we have a lot of fun, we were able to keep all the guests and ourselves safe with the procedures we created for operating under Covid. Of course we needed to wear masks.

The start of AJs Custom Creations Manitoba

This was where everything changed for us. The two masks I created turned into a business. Since August we have create over 3000 masks, t-shirts, hoodies, signs, baskets, cutting boards, and soooo much more. Everyday we are working hard creating one of a kind items for our customers. At one point I was working fulltime at both a job outside the home and on the business, often only getting less than 2 hours sleep a night. I had to make a decision and as hard as it was I choose to go part time outside the home and continued to work hard to build our second business.

We just finished Easter and are excited to see what the next few months will bring, We have started listing our products on our website and all over social media. With Mother’s day coming up next we are hoping to create some new and amazing items. I also decided that I am going to try and update my blogs with news, videos, information and just our lives now as not only photo boothers but also creaters. We have some incredibly exciting stuff coming up that I am dying to share but you will see in the next little bit.

We hope you are staying safe and so appreciate all the support we are receiving, You will never know how much this support has meant to us!! Till next time please take care and stay safe!!!

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