Our First Year

So I wrote a long Blog and tried to upload it with pictures and all…. all of a sudden it is gone 🙁 I am going to write a second one now- alot shorter as I am struggling with being able to juggle time and the fact I have a pinched nerve in my neck. But here it goes…

Our last year has been not only exciting and fun but scary and hard. There were times I wondered what we got ourselves into but by the end if this first year I have to say I am so glad we took the chance! We have decided to expand, which again is very scary but now that I understand out booth and business more I know we are on the right path! Sure we will have out ups and downs and that is why I am starting this Blog…So you can follow us on our journey as photo boothers, Parent, Grand parents, family and small business owners.

To some this may not be something you want to read about but to others it may encourage you to take that leep …..or not lol

I will be writing in a journal form and hope to take you on our adventure.

Here’s an example of my everyday ….today I learned that I need to double check with clients about spelling lol… I thought the client had approved the spelling but they missed the mistake too. Tonight I will be printing up another 50 folders, rather than get angry at myself or throw a fit, I have learned that I need to use this as a learning tool. From this point on I will be double checking the spelling. Sucks but it could have been worse and I didn’t catch it until the event …. that would have been embarrassing for sure!!

We have two really fun events coming up this weekend, wedding with a Prince theme- super cool! And a baby shower. Both under a tent outside so praying for good weather. I will update the Blog as much as I can, you may find a few holes and know that is not because I don’t want to post but that time has gotten away from me.

I have to say the hardest part of this whole experience is the getting clients. It seems no matter what advertising I do I am not increasing my clientele. This might just be my perception and I do have to remember that maybe the people are learning about us and they are just waiting for an event. Either way it is that hardest part by far.

I hate to make this short but will jump back on in the next few days. Lots to do to prepare for our arrival of our new Mirror X Booth. Suppose to arrive on Friday…. we will see. Super excited for this and plan on video taping the arrival and opening of the box.

I Hope you have the best week and I am off to create memories, or at least get ready for them..


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