Our First Year

NOTE: As I was logging out this Blog appeared …..sorry to do this to you but here is the longer post….

We have been trying to sit down and create this Blog for our business but I tell you that we never seem to have a minute to actually do this. My goal is to write a little something about our journey of growing our photo booth company.

Over the last year we have met some absolutely amazing people, had some crazy stuff happen. We have eaten at some incredible places and had a lot of fun on the way. Don’t get me wrong it has been a very crazy and scary ride but we made it a year.

I will tell you from the start that I am not a professional writer and honestly will be writing this more as a diary. If you are looking for someone who writes professionally with some big words I would suggest this is not for you. If you are looking to have a fun read that will have our recommendations, stories of our travels and the journey we are going on….this is for you! No names of clients or their guest will be used here unless I have previously asked them about it. Also this will be a fun blog but I will also be writing about the trials and tribulations we have along our way to be growing our business.

Some of the fun things that happened over the last year:

When we started out we had a few props, no backdrops and were scared beyond anything. It was a huge investment for us and a very scary step to take. After a lot of research we noted that there was only one or two Mirror Me’s in Manitoba and thought we need to do this, little did we know there was a lot more people thinking the same thing. (that story for another time)\

We decided to do our first event for my daughter’s childhood friend, as she was getting married and we were invited. We booked our room at Killarney Inn and thought we were set. Ugh was I wrong. I needed a backdrop, had to figure out an overlay, how the Mirror Me worked and I promised to do the candy bar.

Rather than be smart and buy a backdrop I thought I could create my own, heck I took sewing lessons. I went to Fabricland and purchased some beautiful silver fabric, (not cheap). The lady at Fabricland was very helpful but I do not think she got my concept as I was short a lot of fabric to make this backdrop work. After going to every Fabric Land in Winnipeg, I learned they were sold out……what to do??? Let’s use black on the sides and the silver in the middle.

Now on to creating this 8 x 8 backdrop. My dinning room became the workplace. A Mirror Me Booth, Props everywhere, Fabric everywhere and of course my dining room stuff. I forgot to mention the puppy my son had. She had access to everything. ugh. Stayed up almost all night making it with the help of a puppy who thought the curtain was made just so she can play. I hated it but had no choice but to use it.

Ugh,,,, even a girl on the owners page for the Mirror made a comment along the lines of.. “what is that? Did you use a curtain or something.” was hurtful but helped me grow in a way.

The next challenge was I was going to create the photo overlay, thankfully I had connected to my design guy and he was doing the animation!! I went to a recommended YouTube sight to start my journey of making the overlay…… what took the guy in the video 10 minutes took me three days. I did it……

one of three
2nd option

Notice the backdrop, YIKES! I even decided to give the guests options…not smart as this slowed the picture taking process down a great deal, Give people a choice and no one can decide. SO now we only offer one overlay unless asked.

We managed to get to Killarney Manitoba, set-up and now to figure out why my Mirror has this crazy ring on all the pictures – if you look very closely you can see the ring. You can also see the camera lens. When I practiced at home it was perfect- never thought of the different lighting …now I feel like crying as all these great pictures are not so great..Thank goodness this was just a donated event! And to top it off we didn’t have a clue how to adjust the flash to make the pictures lighter….

These people had so much fun and kept coming back however I am sure the next day they noted how horrible the picture quality was and that backdrop….(They kept saying there were going to book us but I get why they didn’t

The wedding was beautiful and the couple event gave us this beautiful candy cart to rent out to people….only we had no way to get it home. Still out in Killarney a year later… However I absolutely love how the candy set-up we did was! The cart was amazing!

We had a lot of laughs even though the pictures didn’t turn out like we thought and i started to believe that we could do this. Over the year we have gotten much better at all aspects of the Mirror Me. I no longer make my own backdrops and I honestly could not tell you where that backdrop is. I have learned so much over the last! The biggest thing I have learned is that in order to make this work I need to believe in myself and what I am doing. The passion for this has grown and I can never wait for the next event. I enjoy meeting new people and get so excited with the potential for how this company will grow. I have to say my favorite part has been the customizing the booth. From creating mushroom stools, making a Harry Potter Broom and dressing up in 1920’s costumes, we try so hard.

Before I finish up I do want to give a review of the hotel we stayed at. The Emerald Isle Inn and Resort in Killarney was right across the street from the wedding, Perfect for us to walk back at night and to relax between the ceremony and reception. The Resort part I am unsure of but it was comfortable. It is somewhat dated and for those that like the finer hotels, maybe not a good choice, but for us it was comfortable and a bed to sleep in. Across the street was an amazing diner (sorry not sure of the name). Their Poutine was wonder. The Inn did not have a restaurant so we had to go to various places in the area. We had wonderful service each if these places and great food. The owner of the Inn was so incredibly friendly and helpful! We would stay again for sure! I would say on my scale it would be about a 3 out of 5. Like I said very dated and in need of some repair and TLC. The towels were very thin but it is your typical road side INN and the price was VERY good!

I am going to try and keep a map of all the places the Mirror has been – Not sure if this will work but it will be fun! Thank you Killarney Manitoba for being amazing hosts! Incredibly friendly town!!

Follow-us to hear about all the next adventures over the next year… I will also be adding in to my blog all the fun we experienced over the last year. Thank you for supporting us and believing in us!!


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